Eniola Odunuga

Portrait of Us

Space is one of the fundamental foundation of creativity, in 2019 the world was forced into an unprecedented time; we were faced with a unique circumstance and stuck in a quarantine, isolation or locked down in a particular place. 

December 2019, the news of a new viral infection broke out and soon spread to the world. The first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Nigeria on 28th of February, I was 8 weeks pregnant and on my way to my first ante-natal appointment when I read the news. 

With Lagos state being it epicenter, we went into lockdown few weeks after without easy access to healthcare, antenatal classes and pregnancy support groups. Gradually the situation became a nerve wrecking and emotionally destabilizing as I progress my pregnancy journey.

Generally there wasn’t much information surrounding Covid-19 and pregnancy, I constantly lived in fear and anxiety as to how the virus may affect a baby or mother, how safe it is to breastfeed or the most basic: How safe it is for you to visit the clinic.

Portrait of us was created during the lockdown, each photo depicting a different emotion.

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