Who We Are

What We Do

The Nlele Institute, Lagos (TNI) is a Pan-African, autonomous and non-profit lens-based art organization. We are a resource center, a laboratory, a learning space, an experimental workstation and a grooming ground for artists.

TNI is a unique organization that is dedicated to training and developing young Nigerian artists from diverse backgrounds. One of our main objectives is to nurture, evolve and highlight the extraordinary talents of emerging artists (photographers) through a structured curriculum that emphasizes originality and flair. The Institute ultimately provides a platform that enables the artist (student) to showcase his/her work to both domestic and international audiences.

Our unique approach to the development of photography art with an emphasis on student participation has ensured that our alumni have become household names in the Nigerian domestic scene.

We have attained our current status by embedding the following procedures into our 'culture':  

•      We provide an informal pedagogical structure/program and curriculum for photography, video art and other lens-based media.  The curriculum creates opportunities for training in video arts, new media, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 

•      We have a robust and holistic training and learning structure that is relevant to the 21st-century work environment. 

•      Informal space that promotes the exchange of ideas yet ensures inclusivity, conviviality, professionalism and seamless leadership for sustainable growth/progress. 

•      We provide direct and indirect financial empowerment opportunities for emerging artists by recommendations to our network partners, collaborators and stakeholders for exhibitions, residency programs, publications, biennials and festivals. These programs ultimately provide a boost to the artists’ earning power. 

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