Ebunoluwa Akinbo

Woe and Solace

It is assumed that the meaning of heartbreak is universal, with many cultures using the same word to explain both physical pain, psychological pain and the emotions associated with loss or deceit.

From the self-destructive and self-loathing behaviour that accompanies a traumatic breakup, tothe melancholy of heartbreak, the persistent questioning and doubting that contributes to self-rebranding and self-re-identification, this project aims to explore my experience and feeling of heartbreak and how I managed my sanity coupled with the coronavirus pandemic.

We've all had some variation of a heartbreak. Whether it is triggered by a rejection, a breakup, the loss of someone dear to our heart, or the frustration arising from the pandemic in 2020, it doesn't matter the purpose. The fact is, it creates a pain that runs through our body and pierces our soul's most delicate part.

While this pain only lives in our psyche, it can affect our whole being. It's not only a physical suffering that we can relieve with medication but instead, a psychological illness that can be hard to conquer. Some find solace in the arms of their beloved ones, while others find refuge in their jobs and everyday activities, some have recourse to therapy, and some, perhaps, to art.

As someone who has personally been through a tough heartbreak in this period of the pandemic; from losing a relationship at the point of marriage to losing a family member, to getting a lot of rejections from applications and a lot of job cancellations as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, I found recourse by turning my camera to myself to document my feelings and activities at a time like this.

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